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The ‘Extraordinary’ Bahamian Foreign Minister

We note with amusement PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts’ praise of Fred Mitchell for his “extraordinary skill, leadership and patriotism” in creating the biggest foreign policy cock-up since his previous stint as foreign minister in the first Christie administration.

Cast your mind back to the 2006 controversy over the callous 10-month detention of two Cuban dentists at Carmichael Road. The pair had US visas, but were denied permission to emigrate by the Cuban government. After leaving clandestinely by boat they were picked up in Bahamian waters and held at the detention centre.

That case involved months of stonewalling and escalating rhetoric, until an agreement was eventually fashioned that sent the dentists to Jamaica, from where they made their way to the US. Mitchell was large and in charge the whole time, and offered no remorse.

On his second tour of duty, you would expect him to have a better grasp on these matters.

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