Canadian Expert Leads Electrical Code Training

Some 50 Electricians and Electrical Engineers gained invaluable information on Tuesday during a one-day seminar on the Canadian Electrical Code Part I, which is the electrical code adopted by The Bahamas.

Sponsored by The Bahamas Society of Engineers and facilitated by The Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute (BTVI), there were numerous topics including, but not limited to: circuit loading, grounding and bonding; emergency generators and electrically connected life safety systems.

Former Chief Electrical Inspector for Vancouver, Canada, Ark Tsisserev, was the main presenter to the audience, which included BTVI personnel.   Mr. Tsisserev has 25 years of experience in the field and is Committee Chair of the Canadian Electrical Code Part I of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).  Also making a presentation was Manager of the CSA Electrical Codes, Michael Wilson.

Associate member of the CSA, Quentin Knowles, noted the importance of the seminar as substantial education is required to be in compliance with the code.  “Electrical codes are very complex. It is not practical for a small jurisdiction like The Bahamas to write our own electrical code because of the complex nature.  Mr. Tsisserev can offer a depth of knowledge on the code that only the chair can offer,” he said.

The Canadian Electrical Code Part I committee amends the codes every three years.

The Bahamas Technical & Vocational Institute

Caption: Presenter, Art Tsisserev , the former Chief Electrical Inspector for Vancouver, Canada is shown  here along with Engineer from Graphite Engineering, Ramon Bain (left) and Allison Coley, Senior Electrical Inspector, Ministry of Works.