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Former City Market Workers Still Seeking Pension


Former workers of City Markets are angered at the proposal of share offering made by Mark Finlayson this week and have all strongly rejected this offer.  Workers have been denied their pension and severance packages since 2012 when the company was closed and later sold.

A number of breaches to the laws of the Bahamas and a total disregard of the fiduciary and financial responsibilities of the workers have left the workers of Bahamas Supermarket Limited without the funds that are rightfully and legally due to them.  The pension fund owes workers in excess of $5 million and severance packages due is over $4 million.

Whanslaw Turnquest the representative for the former employers and pensioners said that the workers are frustrated and are disgusted that all attempts to have matters resolved by Mr. Finlayson have failed.  Bishop Walter Hanchell, Chairman of Citizens for Justice has joined with the workers in fighting for their monies.

Bishop Hanchell said “We are calling for government intervention in the City Market dilemma.  We cannot ignore these workers who have labored with this company for all these years to be treated so unjustly and unfairly.  We call on the Minister of Labour to assist these workers.  These workers need justice and they need it now.  This matter will receive international attention if these workers are not compensated forthwith”.

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