Compliance For VAT But Nothing Else

I read in the Nassau Guardian Business Section recently that, according to the draft legislation in the proposed VAT Bill 2013, the VAT Commissioner will have far reaching powers and, I quote, the Government has made it known that it is prepared to put in place strict enforcement provisions to ensure compliance once VAT comes into effect, unquote.

I ask, yet again, why is this Government so lacking in common sense? We already have more than adequate taxation and, under no stretch of the imagination do we need this ultra complex, highly, administratively expensive sorry excuse for a tax.

Mr. Christie, your Bill states categorically, and I quote again, ” … to put in place strict enforcement provisions to ensure compliance … ,” therefore I wonder why ” … strict enforcement provisions to ensure compliance … ” cannot be added to all the other revenue collecting legislation already on the books and totally eliminate the need for any further taxation? Of course it’s always easier to screw the lower and poorer levels of society than mess with the monied classes.

Another crumb for thought, I understand that once VAT has been rammed down our collective throats those wonderful people at the various international monetary agencies will clean us out from the other end by insisting we suffer income tax as well!!  Ohh isn’t this a wonderful world to be a free and independent nation (sic)?

By:  H. Armbrister
Source: WebLog Bahamas