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Electro Telecom Donates To Northwestern District Schools

Mr. Paul Smith, Proprietor of Electro Telecom presented cheques to assist underprivileged students in the Northwestern District of New Providence schools at a special assembly held at T.G. Glover Primary School.

Pictured above are Dr. Leonard Johnson, President, Atlantic Caribbean Union of Seventh Day Adventists; Rev. Dr. Cynthia Pratt, Co-Chair, Urban Renewal Commission; Mrs. Naressa Hart, Principal, T.G. Glover Primary School; Mrs. Sharmaine Forbes, Guidance Counselor, Woodcock Primary School; Ms. Anja Farquharson, Guidance Counselor, T.G. Glover Primary School; Mr. Paul Smith, Proprietor, Electro Telecom; Petty Officer Stephen Ferguson, Urban Renewal; Mr. Jensel Watkins, Guidance Counselor, Albury Sayle Primary School; Mrs. Mildred Pickstock, Vice Principal, Albury Sayle Primary School; Inspector Anthony Rolle, Urban Renewal; Mrs. Ayanna Rolle, P.T.A. President, T.G. Glover Primary School and Mr. Howard Newbold, District Superintendent, Northwestern District.

The Proprietor of Electro Telecom, Mr. Paul Smith recently donated a total of $4,000 to assist underprivileged students in three Northwestern District schools in New Providence at a Special Assembly held at T.G. Glover Primary School. Mr. Smith said that he was prompted to give the donations to Albury Sayle Primary, T.G. Glover Primary and Woodcock Primary Schools because he believes that if you stop poverty, then you will be stopping crime. He said that he is aware that many families in the areas of the schools are in need and this is his way of helping.

Dr. Cynthia Pratt, former Deputy Prime Minister and Co-Chair of the Urban Renewal Commission, encouraged the students at T.G. Glover to continue to learn, practice honesty and be respectful. She said that these qualities will help to determine their future. She told the students, “You are somebody and you can make a difference”.

Dr. Leonard Johnson, President of the Atlantic Caribbean Union of Seventh Day Adventists, brought remarks at the Special Assembly and took his text from Galatians 5:22. Dr. Johnson told the students to do something to make the life of somebody else better. He further reminded the students to make their school and The Bahamas a better place.

Mrs. Naressa Hart, Principal of T.G. Glover, stressed the importance of positive parental involvement and the need for community involvement in schools. “The success of a school depends on the combined efforts of parents, teachers, students and the community,” she said.

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