Exuma Chamber To Form New Executive Body

The Exuma Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the formation of a new executive body to help unify stakeholders and place the island’s legendary beauty on the world stage.

In collaboration with hoteliers, landowners, local professionals and business interests, January 13, 2014 will mark the inaugural meeting of the Exuma Advisory Council.

The landmark gathering is scheduled to take place at the Grand Isle Resort & Spa on Emerald Bay.

Pedro Role, CEO of the Exuma Chamber of Commerce, said that the creation of an Exuma Advisory Board would be a turning point in rallying support for the island.

“I am very excited about the future of Exuma,” Rolle added. “Under the patronage of the Chamber of Commerce, we see the Exuma Advisory Board as an additional unifying force for Bahamians and the expatriate community. Exuma has all the natural beauty in the world, and with our help, we can take our tourism product to new heights.”

The one-day event at Grand Isle Resort & Spa will include top executives from across Exuma, including Sandals, Grand Isle Resort & Spa, the Exuma Beach Resort, Augusta Bay, February Point, Oceania Heights, Palm Bay Club, Roker Point and Turquoise Cay.

A host of local professionals are also expected.

According to Rolle, the central focus of the new Exuma Advisory Board is to bring together like-minded leaders intent of taking Exuma’s economy forward.

A number of issues will be discussed, including the creation of new events and marketing initiatives for Exuma, as well as identifying some of the collective challenges facing business.

Members of the media are invited to participate in a 9am press conference with breakfast and refreshments at Grand Isle’s Palapa Grill.

For any press inquiries, contact Pedro Rolle, CEO of the Exuma Chamber of Commerce, at 242-336-2091