Micronet Celebrates 30 Years, Expands Store

Micronet, a New Providence-based regional technology leader, marks its 30th anniversary this month, celebrating with a reception for long-standing clients and the official unveiling of its new 11,500+ square foot super store and service facility.

The company that has grown exponentially over the decades is a quiet success story that parallels the growth of the fast-changing technology industry it serves. Three decades ago it opened with two full-time employees in a small space in the Out Island Traders Building off Mackey Street. Back then storage capacity was measured in kilobytes (KB), a computer with 160KB was cutting edge and word processing was done on typewriters. Now Micronet occupies two buildings, boasts nearly three dozen staff and its multilevel retail superstore rivals top-of-the-line competitors anywhere.

“We all take for granted the wonderful technology we enjoy today like the Apple iPad or the HP Ultrabook, technology that was unheard of 30 years ago,” said Stephen Cartwright, tech co-founder and current CEO of Micronet.

“But that technology changes so fast that unlike in many businesses where you have the luxury of reviewing new products every season, in our business you can go to sleep at night and when you wake in the morning, there’s something new on the market that makes yesterday’s hottest device feel as outdated as the rotary dial phone. You either keep up or you get left behind and at the same time you also have to remain focused on consistent customer service.”

Cartwright says that dual dedication – superior products and superb customer service – is supported daily by an industry-certified, all-Bahamian staff of 35.

“We are very proud of our new facilities but more importantly, we are extremely proud of our dedicated staff, including our 15 certified technicians,” said Gregory Pinder, General Manager of Micronet. Not being afraid to grow and to invest in training has allowed Micronet to emerge as the only authorised Apple service provider in The Bahamas. It is also among the regional leaders in technology sales and service for Toshiba, HP, Apple, Lenovo and Microsoft.

In many ways, the history of Micronet mirrors the growth of technology. When the company outgrew the Mackey Street space, it bought a one-storey building at #11 Madeira Street, Palmdale, planning ahead for making use of all of the available 2,500 square feet. It quickly outgrew that space, added another floor, outgrew that and built a 9,000 square foot, multi-level building on adjacent property.

“Creating a true technology superstore has been our goal and we are excited about this major expansion that allows us to serve clients in a way that we have always envisioned,” said Micronet Marketing Manager Adriano Baldacci.

“As for the store itself, we wanted it to reflect modern style that blends futuristic with professional in design but would facilitate personal interaction and comfort. Successful Apple stores have a lively, upbeat feeling with a clean look and that’s what we were after right here in Palmdale in the heart of Nassau. We wanted people to feel comfortable trying before they decided to buy. Our full line of laptops, IPads, Mac books and desktops are out on display for customers to come in and test out.”

This expansion is “powerful for businesses” Baldacci said. “We have expanded our product lines to include security cameras, POS systems, etc. We can do everything from running wires to getting your computer ready for use and training staff to use what you have. We specialize in corporate services including consulting, designing and implementing networks, servers, maintenance and support. We’re a one stop shop for technology for everyone from the individual to the country’s largest company or instituion.”

About Micronet

Micronet was started in 1983 to fill the need for a Bahamian company dedicated to the growing PC market and those businesses who required a multiuser network environment to operate efficiently. At the time, there were very few Local Area Networks (LAN) globally, much less available in The Bahamas. The success of this initial project with a single technician, Bahamian Stephen Cartwright, now CEO, gave Micronet its start and continued to propel it through the fast-changing world of technology on which all businesses depend today.

Today’s staff members operate out of its expanded 11,500 square foot interactive superstore and corporate centre. With customer service its #1 priority, the company is committed to staff development with employees collectively completing hundreds of industry standard certifications and training courses annually.