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PLP Deaf To Warning Signs From Bahamians

Obviously, the PLP government is floating on a planet of its own making — so far removed that they are not getting the message being sent them by the Bahamian people.

While the government is talking taxation, the people have made it clear they want government to cut spending before they will be lured into a debate that they neither understand nor are prepared to consider.

Do these arrogant politicians have to be reminded that they are our elected “servants” and that this is our money that they are spending so liberally? Bahamian taxpayers are now demanding an accounting.

In fact, the Christie delegation left for South Africa yesterday morning with Mr Mitchell, Tourism Minister Obie Wilchcombe, Sir Baltron Bethel, policy adviser, and “foreign service staff” — again failing to give the number of staff. Who are they trying to impress? The Christie government doesn’t seem to equate a growing public debt with government’s lavish spending.

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