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Bimini Gang Rape Suspects Were on Bail For Serious Crimes

After a long silence, Bahamian police finally confirmed to the media late yesterday that indeed the horrific incident did occur, while conveniently leaving out the name of the resort and the identity of the men.

Police reported that around 1:45am on Sunday, a female resident of North Bimini reported that several males at their residence sexually assaulted her without her consent.

Ten persons, including a Resorts World Bimini female staff member, were arrested following the incident.

The female victim had to be airlifted on Sunday in secrecy into Grand Bahama for further treatment.

Health records now show that the victim was not only drugged just hours before the horrific ordeal, but was also sodomized by the suspects, damaging vital organs on her person.

The Bahamas has one of the highest rape rates per capita in the Western Hemisphere.

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