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Port Lucaya Introduces Additional Security Measures


Management of Bourbon Street Limited have joined with the Ministry of Tourism, Royal Bahamas Police Force and other stakeholders in a new safety campaign particularly geared towards patrons of the Port Lucaya Marketplace (PLM).

‘Parents, don’t Neglect to Protect’ is the primary theme for a new Public Service Announcement that proactively addresses what has become a common trend in the marketplace, where underage youngsters are dropped off and left unsupervised in the evenings, especially on weekends.

In a recent press conference, PLM’s Entertainment & Marketing Coordinator, Karen Ferguson-Bain alluded to the problem and discussed additional security measures that have been put in place to avert it.  She further stressed however, that residents are indeed welcome at the Port Lucaya Marketplace.  “We wholeheartedly enjoy having the interaction between residents and visitors.  That is why we’re embarking on this endeavour to ensure that PLM remains the entertainment, shopping, and dining capital that it is.”

In reiterating the message, Betty Bethel, General Manager, Ministry of Tourism, commented that the safety reminder applies to both residents and visitors.  “We’re appealing to everyone to be mindful of safety concerns and to make sure that your children are safe and secure,” she added.

Bethel also commended residents on the positive feedback the Ministry has received in recent months.  In comments from departing guest surveys, tourists stated that some of the things they enjoyed most about Grand Bahama Island as a destination were the feeling of safety and ease of movement in being able to enjoy the natural amenities of the area.

“From the perspective of the Royal Bahamas Police Force, we’re here to lend our full support to this safety initiative,” stated Acting Assistant Commissioner of Police, Emrick Seymour.  “This campaign addresses our most prized possessions, our youth and our tourism product.”

He further revealed that police resources at PLM have been significantly enhanced, as they continue to work collaboratively with PLM Security to enforce the new measures.  “Underage children should not be left unattended because they run the risk of getting involved in mischief and criminal activity.  We want to eliminate that as much as possible because parents can find themselves liable,” Seymour stated.

Ferguson-Bain is appreciative of the support they’ve received from the various stakeholders as the campaign gains momentum with school visits, radio and TV PSAs, church notices, signage and special messages on social media.  “The Port Lucaya Marketplace boasts of being a family-friendly environment and we want to ensure that safety remains for everyone, including our young children,” Ferguson-Bain concluded.

The Grand Bahama Port Authority, Limited

Caption: CEASE & DESIST: Is the stern message being sent as stakeholders join forces in addressing the issue of underage children being left unattended at Port Lucaya Marketplace.  Pictured (left to right): Betty Bethel, General Manager, Ministry of Tourism; Emrick Seymour, Acting Assistant Commissioner of Police, Royal Bahamas Police Force; and Karen Ferguson-Bain, Entertainment & Marketing Coordinator, Port Lucaya Marketplace.

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