Scotiabank: ‘Straighten Up & Fly Right’

Dennis Dames
Dennis Dames

I was awfully disappointed in service at Scotiabank’s Bay Street Branch, where I was harassed by your security officer at the door and a young male customer service representative; who insisted that I will only be served if I took my hat off.

I also executed transactions at the Royal Bank Bay Street Branch and Bank of The Bahamas on Shirley Street on the same day, and I was given outstanding service and care by the good staff at those two banks – with my hat on.

I thought banking was your business, but it looks like Scotiabank Bahamas is more occupied with the discrimination of certain customers rather than good old banking.  A policeman entered your Bank while I was being treated like an idiot and second class citizen.  I asked the security if he will be telling the police officer to take his hat off too.

He replied: “You ask him”.

The security officer then went to the counter to instruct the customer service reps to not serve me if I still had my hat on.  When it was my time to be served, I ended-up at a wicket with a beautiful and friendly lady employee who apparently did not get the message to not serve the hat-wearing me; then, the young male customer service rep joined her, and halted the transaction!  I then took my hat off momentarily as I really did not have time to be wasting in Scotiabank with foolishness.

The transaction proceeded and I put my hat back on.  The young male employee then told me that he would like to talk with me afterwards; so, he proceeded to the lobby area to wait on me to complete my transaction.

I had no time to waste with the young lad, but I whispered to him while proceeding to the exit, that the big bank robbers are the employees themselves.  Go and make sure that Scotiabank Bahamas money is safe from the crooks that might be operating big-time within.

Your no hat policy is stupid and runs contrary to what you are open for; and that’s banking business and quality customer service.  The next time I experience such shabby and insulting service from Scotiabank Bahamas, I will seek legal advice.  I want to hit Scotiabank Bahamas where it hurts the most; in your pocket.  It’s the only way that you guys will straighten-up and fly right!

Dennis Dames