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Bad Drivers

Bad Drivers

Bad DriversI have long wondered how many people have used the “back door” and paid $450, I believe is the going rate, to get their drivers’ licence because the standard of driving presently on this tiny island is horrendous and continuing to drop!  Just take a journey along the newly dualled and widened John F Kennedy Drive from the six-legged round-about to Nassau International Airport and count the pedestrian barriers that have been badly damaged and also count the street lights that have been destroyed; both numbers are considerable.

Also it would appear that there is a growing number of “drivers” who consider traffic signs and traffic lights to be merely optional to obey or disregard at your whim.  Try standing at any major traffic light controlled junction and count the drivers that sail straight through not just the amber (yellow) light but also the red.  Many times I have stopped as the amber has turned to red only to be blasted by a horn behind me, I hate to think what might happen nowadays if you should actually stop as the green turns to amber!

It is getting to the state that we should consider retesting drivers every (say) five or ten years to weed out those that do not deserve a licence.

Ohh, and our two Ministers of Transport, please cease and desist from driving and conducting long conversations on your cell ‘phones.  You have been seen and now warned!

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