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No Help or Hope When It Comes To Crime

PLP rats
PLP rats

Three people were murdered in the space of 48 hours this week. Where is the help and hope that was promised to the people by this PLP government?

When running in the election in 2012, Christie and his colleagues said they had the solution to crime. They said the FNM were to blame for all the violence, and they put up billboards to that effect all around New Providence.

Now, the commissioner of police says we are in a bad place when it comes to crime and it seems there are no easy answers. It seems as if the politicians are happy to let the police take the brunt of the blame for the situation, but our officers are the ones out on the streets risking their lives. They are the ones who have to face down these violent young men, not the political leaders locked up safe in their mansions (not counting Brave Davis’ encounter).

The police never promised us that they knew a magic formula to fix crime, it was a group of senior PLP members who did that. A group of men, many of whom are now Cabinet ministers. Of course, once they win and are in office, suddenly crime is now a difficult social problem that no government can fight alone.

They should realize the public are fed up and there will be a political reckoning. They can’t fool us twice.

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