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No Such Thing as a Non-Binding Referendum

Bahamians say 'No' to numbers racket

Bahamians say 'No' to numbers racketIt has been known for months now that the government intends to legalize gambling in July of this year (2014), despite the disapproval of the people in the last referendum.

The prime minister has tried to justify his decision by stating that the referendum was non-binding. In my mind, there is no such thing as a non-binding referendum, and since he claims that it was non-binding, he should be made to put the $1–5 million dollars spent for this exercise back into the public treasury.

Isn’t that like saying that the general election was non-binding? That the wishes of the people do not matter, because they are going to do what they want, despite what the electorate has to say. This and previous governments seem to think that they, once in power, become above the law. Are they not beholden to the people? Are we not the ones who gave them their positions and are we not the ones who can and will take it away?

I read recently how numbers houses are filled with slot machines and how female gamblers, more so than males, are flocking to them and losing the clothes off their backs. How daft is this government? Don’t they see that our country and citizenry are on a one-way train to destruction? Is it so important that they stay in the good graces of the numbers bosses, that they turn their backs on the well-being of the country that they were entrusted to lead?

Who does this government take its cue from? Which country are we being modeled after?

Our government obviously does not care about its people or country. They should, however, bear this one thing in mind: another general election is fast approaching and they will need us again. The homeowners who have lost their homes, those whose marriages have been destroyed because of financial problems arising from gambling, the young children who must go without because their unemployed parents simply cannot afford the bare necessities, such as electricity and running water.

Extravagant rallies, big parties, empty promises, yes, they are all good for them. We are not stupid. We will attend your rallies in masses, we will eat your food, and even take money if it is offered, but know that this time we will not vote for you, because you have disregarded our opinions and turned your backs on us when we needed you most.

By: Brenda Moxey

Posted in Must Read, Opinions

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