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The PM’s New House and Property Ownership

The PM's New House and property ownership

The PM's New House and property ownershipThis past week our Government announced its plans for an Official Residence for the Prime minister.

We, the public, will pay for this with increased taxes when this item is added to the other items of government overspending.

Meantime, our Supreme Court Cause List is in such a deteriorated state that no lawyer can give an unqualified opinion on title on many homes in the Bahamas.

Security of ownership of our own home is basic to us, but problematic given the current state of the Supreme Court Cause List. The fact is, equitable charges may have been recorded there, but cannot be found.

So prime ministers will enjoy the luxury of a home we pay for, while our taxes are not employed to rectify or improve a system that should help protect our property purchase.

Meantime, our Government ministers have spent over One million dollars on an unnecessary referendum on gambling, and amused themselves in Parliament with unfortunate jokes about abuse of women.

They laugh. We pay.

But there is still time for this Government to concern itself with its legacy to a Better Bahamas. We are all judged not only by what we do, but also by what we do not do.

And we could do better.

It is time to rescue the Supreme Court Cause List, before we call a “Code Blue” on it, and implement an improved land charges registration system for property in the Bahamas, before further increasing our debt to provide a new Prime Ministers mansion.

By:  Leandra Esfakis

Posted in Opinions

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