Bahamian MPs Are Too Greedy

fat cat politicians
Fat Cat Politicians

At a time when people are getting fired left, right and center and are being laid off and working one and two days per week, the government has seen fit to prepare to raise their salaries. How greedy; how insensitive.

Many of these MPs have perks and other income, so what could be the reasonable explanation for a pay raise, when the country is “strapped for cash”.

I am stunned that there are proposals for a new House of Assembly and a new prime ministers mansion, things that we simply can’t afford at this time and can do without, for now.

Where are our priorities? Clinics on every island should be a priority, teachers for the core subjects should be a priority. Affordable housing should be another priority and “real mortgage relief” for the thousands of people who will soon be on the street is a definite priority.

I will say this though, any member of Parliament who has agreed that their salaries should be raised, be they PLP or FNM, does not have the Bahamian people’s interest at heart, they are only interested in their own pockets. They don’t really care about us.

On another note, so that democracy be seen, both parties should soon announce when their respective conventions will be held. Any attempt to use stalling tactics to prevent the people from exercising their rights to elect new officers will certainly backfire. Conventions are a constitutional right, not the whim of any member of any party. Stop playing games!

Just a reminder, many right thinking Bahamians are not following blindly anymore. Our conscience is more important than anything else. The games are over. Country first!

God has taken away the tumor, not my senses, therefore I continue to trust and fear Jesus Christ only.

By: Ivoine W. Ingraham