Mitchell Passing The Buck For His Foolishness

fred-mitchellIt seems Minister of Foreign Affairs Fred Mitchell is happy to pass off the blame for his blunder of a diplomatic note on to the prime minister and his Cabinet.

It seems very convenient, now that it is clear his poorly thought out attempt to score political points at the expense of Opposition Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis backfired, that all he was doing was “backing up” his leader’s opinion.

The government looks both silly and desperate after jumping to make a mountain out of the molehill that was Minnis’ comparison of their administration to the lost Malaysia Airlines flight.

Mitchell decided to risk an international backlash by rubbing it in the faces of the governments of Malaysia, China and the United States, who probably never heard of Minnis and have no idea what he said. Now they do, thanks to his note.

He now claims that he can’t do anything without Cabinet approval, so essentially it isn’t on him. I wonder if the Cabinet approved his decision to speak out about his personal views in Trinidad recently as well. Or does he serve at the behest of Cabinet only when it suits his interests?

By:  Concerned Citizen