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National Unity at Last

bahamian-flagI think this may be the first time I’ve ever witnessed PLP supporters red-hot mad at the PLP MPs/leadership, and FNM supporters red-hot mad at the FNM MPs/leadership all at the same time!

And I mean they aren’t just mad internally. They are speaking out against both parties on social media and the national airwaves passionately.

This is actually very healthy for our democracy. It shows that some issues can unbelievably transcend our rigid party lines in the interests of national progress.

Dare I say (gasp) we are seeing national unity take center stage and party loyalty take a back seat?

Well it’s about darn time something caused us to unite. Now let’s make these politicians work to get our support back — stop giving away your vote/support blindly.

Blind party support has created a politician’s paradise in The Bahamas. Let’s turn this ship around and create a citizen’s paradise. Believe me, the ingredients are there but it starts with we, the Bahamian people.

By: Farrell Goff

Posted in Opinions

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