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The PLP’s Atrocious Track Record on The Rights of Women

The PLP's track record on the rights of women

The PLP's track record on the rights of womenI heard Mr. Christie trying to take more cheap political digs at the FNM, yet again. Isn’t this getting a bit stale and boring now?

During his recent address he exhorted the FNM to add more female candidates to their slate for the next general election.

While he was mentioning that the Bahamas should have larger female representation, perhaps Mr. Christie should brush up on his history and remind himself that Mrs. Janet Bostwick was the FIRST female Member of Parliament, an FNM!!

Even more telling, Mr. Christie and his PLP party for, yet again, cheap political reasons, defeated the FNM proposed referendum to give the Bahamian woman equal rights with the Bahamian man.

Editors Note: The image of first page of Declaration of the Rights of Woman and the Female Citizen, published in 1791. Bahamian women still wait patiently.

By: Harry Strachan

Source: Weblog Bahamas

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