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Human Rights Group Alerted To Cash Case

Human Rights Group Alerted To Cash CaseFree National Movement Chairman Darron Cash has filed a report against the government with Amnesty International over alleged human rights abuses in the aftermath of a search at his home and seizure of personal items.

Citing political persecution in two lengthy narratives released yesterday, Mr Cash called for immediate legislative reform through amendments to the Criminal Procedures Code; the establishment of the Office of the Ombudsman; the enactment of a Whistleblower Protection Act and the enactment of the Freedom of Information Act.

Mr Cash also raised concerns about the warrant police produced to search his home. The FNM chairman said the document was signed by a justice of the peace, who was a religious preacher with no legal training. He charged that the practice should be eliminated immediately as it presented a loophole for “recklessness and abuse”.

Mr Cash added that the warrant misspelt his name, and “suggested” that he was an employee of the Bank of the Bahamas and had possession of its assets.

“As a general rule, justices of the peace have no legal training and truly represent the lowest bar possible when the police must seek permission and present justification for the search and seizure of citizens’ properties,” he said in a statement released yesterday.

“In the case of this national political party chairman this matter has emerged as a clear cut case of abuse of power.”

“Victimisation, intimidation, denial of jobs and contracts are real but they are too frequently underplayed in international reporting,” Mr Cash’s statement added.

The FNM has branded the search of Cash’s home as a witch hunt.

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