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Money And Ignorance Driving Bimini Tragedy

My name is Blake Carmichael, and I have been visiting The Bahamas ever since I was born. I am now 19 years old.

The clear, beautiful, blue waters and thriving marine life is what brought our family back again and again to this wonderful, pristine place.

The marine life and water quality in Florida is quite disgusting in comparison to The Bahamas, and it is the obvious result of degradation due to human activities such as sewage outflows, dredging, pollution and many other factors that have been overlooked by the general public and the government.

It is sad, especially for my father who experienced healthy reefs off of the coast of Fort Lauderdale just 30 years ago, to watch money and ignorance take precedence over the quality of marine environments. These environments are essential to life on Earth.

I greatly hope that the disturbing actions taking place in Bimini to facilitate Resorts World Bimini are put to an end. I do not want to witness any further destruction of the marine life in Bimini, and I know many other people who feel the same way. Please do not let this proceed any further.

A photo that surfaced recently is quite disturbing. I have read that the dredging area has now been expanded to three times its original size.

And the silt flows a large distance away from the site, landing back on top of reefs which will soon be dead. This must stop now. Please take a stand.

Blake Carmichael

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