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Invest In The Bahamas China Strategy 2020

growth-investTo ensure continued growth in the industries in the Bahamas, Bahamaren has decided to take a strategic approach to increasing investment from China to the Bahamas, it’s vital that our company plans for the future, if the Bahamas is to benefit from China’s continued economic success. Bahamaren will focus on promoting the Bahamas’ capabilities as an economic partner in China’s cultural, social, and economic development.  Bahamaren will work along with the local industry, government institutions, and nongovernmental sectors as we seek to broaden our definition of this enhanced economic relationship, identifying key opportunities.  Our strategy will develop and strengthen key trade, collaboration and cultural platforms or initiatives, while targeting direct investments into Bahamian or Non Bahamian projects, and creating a pathway to share knowledge between the two countries as we enrich a cross-cultural understanding. The strategy is a five years plan.

This strategy will assist in coordination and leveraging of government activity as we build a new ground for trade and investment framework for business. Bahamaren will coordinate a strategic relationship with China at multiple levels in the private and government sector. In building the effectiveness of this relationship it will raise the Bahamas profile and provide an important path to framework of trade, investment, and collaboration.

Bahamaren will implement a range of initiatives to assist business to better engage with China. We will also refocus and aligned our resources in an effort to coordinate, monitor, and evaluate the success of this strategy. As CEO it is my responsibility to articulate a clear, understandable vision about the many opportunities presented by our continued relationship with China and outlining the steps of our company Bahamaren to ensure these opportunities plays a pivotal role and an integral part of the Bahamas future. This strategy will identify high – value opportunities and will always ensure that their are mutual benefits between the two countries.

Grand Bahama

The Island of Grand Bahama is welled place to leverage China’s much needed economic growth. Grand Bahama has world class offerings, as we recognized the Island comprised of significant elements of our economy and complement those of China. Grand Bahama has a strategically immeasurable advantage of proximity.  That positions the island exceptionally well to build a lasting, strong relationship with China. Bahamaren understands the importance of positioning the island strategically. This strategy will promote Grand Bahama as a business hub for development and investments. In Grand Bahama the strategy will focus on investment, trade and business, education, sport, culture, the arts, science and technology, and the exchange of people, skills, and ideas, more importantly laying out a framework, to ensure that the Island is “China ready”.


Bahamaren will continue in its efforts to promote the Bahamas, tourism product in China. In regards to tourism this strategy will focus on investment in tourism infrastructure linked to the demands of the fast growing Chinese market, the development of the required aviation capability to ensure the Bahamas’ feasibility in the Chinese market. In extension this strategy will include investments in designing tourism experiences aimed at Chinese high-end tourist. Our company will continue to promote the Bahamas as a desirable holiday destination.

I am confident that our strategy will better enable both our company and the Bahamas to respond to the challenges and opportunities ahead. This will require close relationships between all key stakeholders, government ministries, individual business and industry partners. Bahamaren is prepared to lead on the mission of broadening our economic relationship with the People Republic of China as we understand the rich prosperity generated by the success of economic reforms and transformation that’s fundamentally changing China. I encourage businesses and the government to embrace this strategy and determine the role they can play in identifying  their immediate needs and growth requirements.

Source: Latrae Rahming

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