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Bahamaren CEO Joins Students In Educating Chinese on the Bahamas


Beijing, China  – Bahamaren has assisted, coordinated, and participated in a number of tourism events throughout the year to promote the Bahamas as a premier travel destination.  The CEO of Bahamaren Latrae Rahming joined Bahamian students at the University of International Business and Economics in showcasing what the Bahamas has to offer to China from tourism, food, music, and culture. Bahamaren provided both financial and material support along with the Embassy of the Bahamas in Beijing.

bahamaren-03Our company understands the importance of these events as they create a chance to meet important prospects and customers face-to-face, gain their insight, and learn their impressions in a way that electronic communication does not allow.  Bahamaren recognized if it’s going to make the Bahamas a premier travel destination we have to ensure we increase awareness about the Bahamas in China.   During the event students were able to get a taste of what the Bahamas has to offer from sampling the Bahamian made macaroni to the famous Bahamian dish Chicken Souse.  They were also able to drink the Bahamas Sky Juice, which was considered their favorite along with the Bahamian dish macaroni.

Bahamaren has increased it’s participation in trade shows held in key markets in China to bring together the Bahamas tourism industry and travel agents and travel wholesalers from around China. One of the biggest reasons for our presence at trade shows is the potential for sales leads.  CEO Latrae Rahming said during the event in responding on the importance of trade events “Hundreds of customers come to these shows and, depending on the show you are part of, a majority of them could be part of your target audience. The very presence of these customers in a trade show means that they are interested, and you have the chance to convert this interest into a promising and qualified leads. The right marketing message and pitch can help draw more prospective customers for our supply chain”.

These trade shows offer an invaluable opportunity to network with potential supply chain entities as well as other businesses within the tourism industry. Over time, networking within the tourism industry has open new opportunities for our company.  By displaying our products and brand in trade shows, we create an awareness about them as well as generate interest among customers.

Top Group Photo (Caption: Darron Beneby, Sanay Collie and CEO of Bahamaren Latrae Rahming holding the Bahamian Flag)


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