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U.S. Embassy Statement: 2014 Investment Climate Statement

us-embassyThe United States Embassy has noted a great deal of interest in the 2014 Investment Climate Statement on The Bahamas.

The Department of State prepares Investment Climate Statements on an annual basis in order to provide U.S. firms with country/region and economy-specific information and assessments of investment laws, measures, and other factors that may be useful to them in making business decisions.  An important component of U.S. economic diplomacy, Investment Climate Statements help identify market barriers, provide investment climate information relevant to business risk, and serve as a basis for engaging foreign governments on modernizing investment practices.

These statements are authored by United States diplomats stationed in Embassies around the world.  Non-American staff have a limited, if any, role in the preparation of these statements and are not the authors of the statements.  Investment Climate Statements are reviewed in an extensive intra-governmental process in Washington, D.C.  The 2014 Investment Climate Statement on the Bahamas was prepared by Washington-based diplomats assigned to the Embassy in Nassau.  The document was then reviewed in Washington, D.C. before being released to the public as the official view of the United States Government.

The Department of State published over 80 Investment Climate Statements for 2014.

View these statements, including the full text of the Investment Climate Statement for The Bahamas.

The U.S. Embassy in Nassau strongly recommends the reading of the text of the Investment Climate Statement for The Bahamas in its entirety.

2014 Investment Climate Statements include many examples of economies which have improved their receptivity to U.S. investment.  The reports also identify barriers and market distortions that may deter U.S. investment, and provide information to help U.S. firms assess business risks. Topics include the subject country’s legal and regulatory systems, dispute resolution, corruption, political violence, and labor issues.  Updated from the previous year, 2014 Investment Climate Statements include an executive summary, expanded sections on intellectual property rights and state-owned enterprises, an improved search function, and a point of contact for country-specific inquiries.

The Department of State provides the information contained in the Investment Climate Statements solely for readers’ information and enlightenment.   Every effort has been made to provide accurate and complete information.  However, neither the U.S. Government nor the Department of State guarantees or assumes any legal liability for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information disclosed in the Investment Climate Statements.

The United States Embassy, Nassau

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