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becOver a quarter million people on New Providence Island were thrown back into the Stone Age Thursday night. Plunged into darkness in sweltering heat because the Bahamas Electricity Corporation, once again, failed to keep the power on.

Plagued with poorly maintained generators and a horrendously incompetent and corrupt management, the government-owned monopoly electricity company has failed so often that it is usually taken for granted just how dysfunctional the company really is.

The citizens and residents of Nassau suffered through 8 hours of hot and humid darkness, compliments of a company grossly overstaffed with political cronies and lazy, spiteful, crooked union members,

In a real country, unlike the monkey-managed sewer that is The Bahamas, heads would roll.

Sadly, not a damn thing will happen to the people responsible for this abject failure, thanks to the pathetic excuse for a government that is slowing destroying the once proud country.

Bahamians, like ignorant sheep, continue to tolerate a government that has proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they are incapable of good governance.

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