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K.B. Releases New Single Captain Kangaroo   

kb-save-the-baysMusician and recording artist, Kirkland ‘K.B.’ Bodie, this week released his latest musical single Captain Kangaroo. Another of his hard hitting songs, the artist sheds light on the leadership of the country as seen through his eyes.

“You can call my latest body of work #MessageMusic. It speaks to the state of our nation, socially and politically,” said Bodie. “I have always included stories and messages in my songs, describing who and how we are as a people. Things are changing so fast, now, more so than ever and we are in a time where we have to address #SocialMatters plaguing our daily lives which are growing worse.”

When discussing inspiration, Bodie shares, ”In my younger days, I was inspired by brave and prolific artists and writers like Eddie Minnis and The Mighty Sparrow among others.”
Captain Kangaroo has received over 1000 views on YouTube in a day and a half.

“As I have in the past, I will continue to write social commentary and hold any present or future elected government official’s feet to the fire,” urged Bodie. “I welcome any of my musical and cultural brothers and sisters to join in on this #MessageMusic trek to make a better, more productive Bahamas for us all.”

Search Captain Kangaroo on YouTube to hear the song.

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