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Traffic Woes Causing Chaos At Busy Intersection

traffic-lightCan the persons in charge of traffic lights, please study and reprogramme the Village Road/Wulff Road/ Johnson Road/Soldier Road/Parkgate Road junctions travelling north during the early morning traffic period?

It is total chaos as the double traffic lanes feeding north into Village Road from all directions cause a backup of frustrating proportions while the two lanes of traffic attempt to merge at the Parkgate traffic light whilst motorists are also entering from Blair.
Inconsiderate selfish persons are also now cutting across the former City Market parking lot from Wulff Road to squeeze into the line, and other more ridiculous persons are making a new third lane on the south bound lane and zooming north past all of the cars in order to turn into Blair!

This is a disaster waiting to happen!

The double lane does not work on Village Road and should be redesigned. In addition the timing for the green traffic light at Parkgate needs to be extended in order to allow the backed up traffic to disperse. Having a traffic policeman there to book those motorists blatantly breaking the law would also help!

Pam Burnside

Posted in Opinions

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