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Adventure Tourism Comes To An Island Near You

Long thought of as a niche for the rich or the restless, adventure tourism is becoming more popular and The Bahamas has plenty to offer.

A recent study has revealed that adventure tourism is no longer a pastime for the rich and the restless. In fact, it has become an $89 million industry in 2009, according to researchers from the Business School at George Washington University.

That’s no niche market.

Demand for adrenalin-fueled activities has significantly increased in recent years and the highest number of adventure seekers are loacted in the United States, just a hop-skip and jump away from the Bahamas.

While other forms of tourism appear to be dwindling, the adventure tourism market is growing.

And The Bahamas has plenty of adventure to offer to potential thrill-seekers.

It’s nothing to be scared of. It doesn’t have to be jumping off cliffs and diving with sharks – hiking, rafting or cycling are fun for everyone. So, there’s something for everybody in the Bahamas.

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