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Rotten PLP Apples Do Not Fall Far From The Tree

The history of the PLP is all about getting what you can for yourself, no matter what it costs others.

Lie, cheat, steal… whatever, as long as you make sure it is “all for you baby”.

PLP hero Lynden Pindling got millions of dollars from notorious drug dealer Carlos Lehder at the expense of the nation’s reputation. He is also suspected of recklessly doling out millions of dollars from the public treasury, much of which was nefariously paid out to keep his cronies loyal and his detractors silent.

PLP cheerleader Philip Galanis allegedly stole big money from the bank he was working for. The bank refused to press charges because their other clients might have withdrawn their money, thinking the bankers were idiots for letting someone so stupid steal so much.

Former PLP Treasurer, Sydney Cambridge has been accused by the U.S. government of being a lying, cheating money laundering crook.  He was still treasurer of the PLP when he committed the alleged crimes.

And it goes on and on… for decades.

Now, we have junior PLP’s apparently being trained to lie, cheat and steal like their big brother mentors.

Scandal bloggers at Bahamas Press are reporting that an active member of the Progressive Young Liberals may have stolen funds from a bank funded programme. The young man is alleged to have collected funds from participants of a youth event, despite knowing full well that the bank had already covered all expenses.

The website reports that the boy has been fired from the bank.  But he has apparently failed to tell his family of his termination and still dresses up and pretends to leave for work every morning.

It appears that senior PLP members, many who routinely lie to, and cheat on their wives, are teaching the young man how to lie to his family as well as steal from banks.

Maybe that’s what the Progressive Young Liberals is all about… criminal training from senior PLPs.

The silence on this matter from Perry Christie and the main PLP party is deafening and shows that this sort of behaviour is condoned, not admonished by the PLP.

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