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Bank Of The Bahamas Executives Tour New Airport Terminal

John Spinks, far right foreground, VP, Commercial Development, NAD. leads businesspersons and Bank of The Bahamas executives including Managing Director Paul McWeeney, foreground, left, on tour of the new departure terminal set to open by March. The $409 million project is ahead of schedule and under budget. (Photo by Impact Images for DP&A)

With construction running ahead of schedule and the 247,000-square foot terminal at Lynden Pindling International Airport due to open by March, Bank of The Bahamas executives and managers toured the new facility recently, taking an up close and personal look at what is expected to be one of the largest boosts to the local economy in years.

“It is a revelation to see the immense project up close. It provides a new sense of appreciation of what a game-changer this airport is going to be,” said BOB Managing Director Paul McWeeney, noting current traffic and projected growth could be expected to boost revenue and employment.

John Spinks, Vice President, Commercial Development, Nassau Airport Development Co. (NAD) personally led the tour that included several bank executives and managers along with owners of a few of the businesses approved to open in the new terminal.

The $409 million project includes departures and arrival terminals, airside apron, groundside work, one million square feet of asphalt apron and parking for 2000 vehicles, more than doubling current parking. Environmentally sound engineering was deployed wherever practical from deep water cooling for air-conditioning to large roof overhangs and a 50/50 split of glass to solid wall to reduce the effect of the sun’s heat on the interior.

“The deep well cooling involves drilling 400 feet below ground,” explained Spinks. “The water that is captured is then passed through heat exchangers with the chilled water cooling the air conditioning system and the remaining water discharged back into the earth so it is a constant recycling. It was a very expensive capital investment, some $5 million to construct, but it will pay for itself in less than two years.”

Plans for the departure lounge– phase one of the 3-phase project — also call for a cascading waterfall between levels one and two, a $2 million Bahamian art program, three gardens with lush landscaping, more than 50 check-in counters and extensive retail with special emphasis on Bahamian products. A second terminal to handle arriving passengers is slated to open as stage two in 2012 and the third and final terminal in 2013. There are currently nearly 450 workers on site, about 75% of them Bahamian. Ground was broken on the project a year ago July which has consistently run below budget and ahead of schedule.

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