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Bahamas Martial Arts Team Set Back By Flight Delays

As teams arrived from around the world, Trinidad was preparing for the largest martial arts event the country has ever seen with the hosting of The Caribbean Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

This three-day event also played host to the Purple Dragon open karate championship, and seminars by invited grandmasters.

Professor Don Jacobs promoter of the CMAHF and also founder of the Purple Dragon system, and former student of grand master Moses Powell of New York, greeted and informed managers of their itinerary for the next three days after being brief by trinidad’s tourism officials.

Rough Road

The road to Trinidad was not an easy one: soliciting sponsors, and to train for this competition, takes a lot out of you, we knew that going into Trinidad the team had to be prepared mentally and physically for Trinidad was no walk in the park, also teams to watch were Canada, England, Australia, USA, Ghana, Venezuela and Jamaica.

We knew that this one was for all the marbles and we were going to do what it takes to bring all home: fighters were studied, information gathered on teams that were going to be there, we searched YouTube for named fighters just to have the upper hand, coaches did their home work and team Bahamas was ready, all to come crashing down with delays coming out of Nassau forcing the team to catch the next available connecting flight into Trinidad and Tobago which was the following evening. Hence missed 90% of their events, leaving the Bahamas without the opportunity to display what they have trained so hard to show the world, and the team saddened by the turn of events knew that this was again a time for the Bahamas to shine; being a little disappointed, they knew the show must go on.

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