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‘Ninety’ Knowles Loses Appeal

Drug kingpin Samuel ‘Ninety’ Knowles has lost his appeal and must serve out the 35-year jail sentence imposed on him by a judge in a Miami court in 2008.

Three U.S. Appeal Court Judges ruled against Knowles who was appealing his his sentence and conviction for smuggling tons of cocaine and ganja into South Florida.

Knowles, 51, will have to forfeit $14 mlllion worth of his properties, assets and money to the U.S. and Bahamas Governments. He will also have to undergo a five-year supervised release period in Florida once he is freed from jail in the U.S.

If he lives long enough, fallen kingpin Knowles will be in his early eighties’ before he is completely released in Florida and allowed to return to Nassau.

The ruling gives names and details of Knowles’ gang who made drug runs from Jamaica to The Bahamas and into Florlda.

Among those named in the 48-page ruling as members of Knowles’ gang are: his nephew Nehru Newton; Frank Cartwright; Brian Bethel; Kyle and Marvin Weech; Biswick Musgrove; cop Herbert Beneby; Eric Gardner; Paul and Lester Beneby; Myron “Donkey” Mortimer; pilot Gary McDonald; Berkley Hepburn; Julian Russell; Derrick Blake; Herbert Hanna; and Glenroy Riley.

The ruling said Riley’s job was to count the drug money and guard the gang’s cocaine stash at a safe-house in Miami. Cartwright and Hanna took the drug money by plane and boat to Knowles in Nassau. At one point, Knowles was receiving $750,000-a-month in cash from Cartwright.

Newton was paid up to $70,000 for bringing cocaine and ganja by go-fast boat from Jamaica. McDonald was paid $500,000 for flying one ton of cocaine worth $33 mlllion into Miami for Knowles. On another flight, McDonald flew 2,500 kilos of cocaine valued at $75 milion into Florida.

Newton and five others snitched on Knowles in return for shorter jail sentences.

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