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Criminals Attempt To Destabilize FNM Government

Tommy Turnquest, Minister of National Security, has categorized the recent break-ins at four government buildings as an attack by criminals attempting to destabilize the government.

“It’s an attempt to destabilize the government and there’s more to it than it seems,” said Turnquest on a local radio show.

Turnquest claimed that senior officers in the police force gave instructions to officers at the Nassau Street Police Station to delay or alter patrols of the Nassau Street Court Complex, one of the buildings broken into.

“Any time there is a robbery, the public should be concerned. Any time there is a break-in at a government agency it’s a cause for concern,” said Turnquest.

The criminals breaking and entering have ransacked file cabinets and drawers as if searching for documents, broken doors and windows and even defaced property. Last week a message was left on the door of the chambers of Senior Supreme Court Justice Jon Isaacs: “The PLP must win the next election. All FNM’s must die and the all PLP’s must live.” The message was accompanied by a drawing of a gun firing towards the letters FNM.

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