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Family Fights Arawak Homes For Land

Arawak Homes is embroiled in yet another controversy, this time involving a dispute of ownership of a piece of land along the new Corridor 5 highway. Arawak Homes claims they own the land but the family of Kenneth Gibson state that they have the title.

The Gibson family said that without any notice Arawak Homes, starting clearing the land last week, bulldozing farming areas and trees planted years ago. The company then erected signs on the cleared land indicating that it was the private property of Arawak Homes.

Kenneth Gibson’s daughter, Althea Gibson said, “Arawak Homes takes it upon themselves to bust through the gate to our yard. We never got any notice. We never got any phone call, inquiries. No nothing. They destroyed all of our fruit trees… mango, pear, guinep, soursop. All of our  cassava, yams.”

“My parents feel raped.”

Keith Bell, general legal council at Arawak Homes confirmed that the company had “cut down some trees” but said that they only cut down the trees on the land which they claim the company owns.

Mr. Bell claims that the family is confused about the area of land in dispute.

“They presumed they owned a portion of our property. The property in the back of them. There is 100 feet of property they are claiming ownership of. They fenced in well in excess of 1,000 feet.”

The family says that some of the property was purchased and other property was granted to them by the Supreme Court through enacting the Quieting of Titles Act.

Ms. Gibson says they are willing to take Arawak Homes to court if an agreement can not be reached.

Arawak Homes, owned by alleged Bahamian gangster Franklyn Wilson, has been at the center of controversy and of questionable repute in the past.

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