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Farmer’s Market On Saturdays In Gladstone

The Ministry of Agriculture’s Farmers Market each Saturday at the Gladstone Road Agricultural Centre is offering householders super savings, Under Secretary Phillip Miller assured.

Presently the rage is summer produce including mangoes, melons, sweet corn, pumpkins, peppers, and onions. Mutton, pork and chicken are also available.

Already plans are being made to bring Family Island produce to the market as permanent booths are being constructed.

The concept of a farmers market came up after the national agri-business expo of 2007. Food producers said the location was ideal from where to ply their wares.

The Ministry’s decision was to develop that site as the home of the national expo to be held next in February 2011.

But producers are allowed to do business there in accordance with the government’s thrust for Bahamians to produce more of their own food.

A new and popular item is organic chicken offered by Three Archers Enterprises.

“Persons come there first thing in the morning looking for this product,” said Mr Miller. “Sometimes they make me call to find out if any is coming.”

Although only New Providence producers supply goods for the market, means are being put in place to facilitate Family Islanders, said Mr Miller whose responsibilities include policy and planning.

“Householders look forward to Farmers Market each weekend,” Mr Miler added. “At the end of the day almost all of the items are bought.

“Traditionally, we in the Bahamas have been able to produce with not much of a problem, but we have always had a difficulty in marketing because of the kind of system that we have where a lot of food is imported.

“This farmers market is an attempt to extend our marketing efforts beyond the Produce Exchange (Potters Cay) which has had its problems.

“One of the things we are going to have to bring forward to our farmers over the next few months is the question of marketing technique where you pay careful attention to price, quality, and presentation,” said Mr Miller.

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