FNM Recommits To ‘Trust’ Agenda

A carelessly penned editorial in The Nassau Guardian appears to blame Prime Minister Ingraham for the worldwide economic challenges when, in fact, his response to the crisis has been admirable.

The editor of the Nassau Guardian says Bahamians may have a hard time trusting Mr Ingraham after the Prime Minister undertook certain steps in response to the worldwide economic crisis. But what would have happened had Mr Ingraham not taken those necessary steps?

Is it a breach of trust that the Prime Minister acted in a fiscally responsible manner?  Some would think it emboldens trust, as opposed to violating trust, when the leader of a country makes the hard decisions necessary, instead of simply pandering for votes to the detriment of the nation.

Read the editorial, then comment below…

Almost two decades, 18 years, has passed since the Free National Movement (FNM) won the government in 1992, becoming the first opposition party in the  history of The Bahamas to be victorious over the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) since the country’s independence in 1973.

Last week the FNM celebrated that historical moment in an anniversary church service, first acknowledging the Almighty God for his blessings and secondly, recommitting to the party’s agenda of improving the quality of life for the citizenry of The Bahamas.

Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham in his speech said that the party continues to stand on its principle of “trust”. He added that despite the worldwide economic challenges, his government’s priorities remain the same, “providing a better life for Bahamians”.

Needless to say in recent times many have questioned the prime minister’s trust agenda and his vision, particularly in the area of growing the country’s economy in the short term.

Back in June, the government released its 2010-2011 Budget in which a vast number of increases in taxes were announced and monumental cuts were made to ministries critical to The Bahamas’ development! Decisions of that magnitude could not have come at a more inopportune time for many Bahamians, particularly those who find themselves unemployed in this adverse economy.

At this point in the country’s history unemployment has hit an all-time high, putting a strain on the health care; social services and national insurance – which has in the past been (and in some cases continues to be) under seize by the influx of illegal migrants, as well as employers who fail to make national insurance contributions despite making weekly or monthly deductions from their employees’ wages.

Although faced with these obstacles, Prime Minister Ingraham remains optimistic, revealing that the FNM is putting in place the physical platform and structure to stabilize the economy, “preparing the country for new growth, as our economy recovers; and for jobs, and believe you me it will happen”.

Prime Minister Ingraham, further noted that the government is committed to  creating jobs, expanding the availability of affordable housing, combating crime and easing the pain of many Bahamians who are suffering. He added that the government is continuing to invest in social development and securing the well-being of individuals, families, communities, health care, education and housing.

Ingraham, like all leaders worldwide, is hopeful the economy will rebound sooner, rather than later. However, when the economy does turn around Bahamians will remember the increased taxes which further depleted their pockets at a very trying time. The Bahamas is moving forward, upward, onward, together… but whether or not Bahamians will be mindful to ‘Trust’ again remains to be seen.

The Nassau Guardian
August 23, 2010