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Kishan Munroe’s Universal Human Experience

Two years ago, Bahamian artist Kishan Munroe began putting together an art documentary from a perspective of global universality.

This project, phase one of his “Universal Human Experience” expedition, took Mr Munroe on a 16-month journey throughout parts of the Caribbean as well as South, Central and North America where he saw first-hand how people of different cultures and socio-economic conditions live.

Having completed phase one of the documentary project, the artist has now returned home to showcase some of his experiences in his latest mixed media exhibit entitled “Transitions” at the Central Bank of the Bahamas.

The Universal Human Experience” started with Mr Munroe travelling to Guyana, before continuing on to other parts of South America.

On each trip he interviewed the country’s populace, and his hypothesis that all people are the same no matter who they are or where they come from was proven, he said.

“I hope people are compelled to investigate for themselves, think critically, and not be spoon fed information. I also hope they are inspired to learn more for themselves,” he said.

The exhibition opened yesterday at the Central Bank of the Bahamas with the artist presentation 1 – “Odyssey of Enlightenment”, and will close on August 25 with the artist presentation 2 – “Arts of The Americas” at 6:00pm.

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