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Bran McCartney Hopes To Win With Spin

Looking to possibly challenge Hubert Ingraham for leadership of the FNM, Bran McCartney has aready put his spin machine into action.

Bamboo Town MP Branville McCartney has his eye on the FNM’s top spot, he has for some time. It appears he has been following a carefully orchestrated plan to spin his way into the leadership position, so he can fullfill his ambitious plan to be Prime Minister of The Bahamas.

And in the Bahamas, it may take little more than jive talking and public relations spin to become Prime Minister.

Bahamian voters vote with their hearts, not their brains.

Even Perry Chistie, who has no leadership qualities and is widely regarded as incompetent and bereft of ideas, was able to spin his way to the top. Of course, he was routinely rejected after only one term.

Bran McCartney’s first stunt was to resign from Mr Ingraham’s cabinet. This appeared to be a strategic move designed to make the public believe that he is above the political fray.

McCartney seemed to be critical of Mr Ingraham’s management style, but he was careful not to be too critical of the FNM party.

A born schmoozer, Mr McCartney has an affable and easy-to-like personality.  But even his charm can’t disguise his somewhat crafty nature or his reputation as an incompetent lawyer.

McCartney’s latest ploy was a leak to the media suggesting that Mr Ingraham is so afraid of him as a potential challenger, that the FNM would consider abondoning their convention to eliminate Mr McCartney’s bid for the party’s leaderhsip.

According to FNM “sources”, Mr McCartney has steadily been building his support in and outside the party and the FNM might stand a “better chance” at victory with a more “popular/youth-focused” candidate.

Claiming that Mr McCartney has “assurances” from a number of “high profile” FNMs, who have reportedly pledged their support behind him, the source told a local newspaper that the young Bamboo Town MP could stand a chance at “dethroning” one of the remaining “political juggernauts” in the country. Thus, the source said he could see why this would cause some uneasiness within the hierarchy of-the organization.

However, Carl Bethel, the FNM party chairman, flatly denied any suggestion that Branville McCartney would be the determining factor as to whether or not the FNM has its convention in November of this year.

Bethel did confirm that talks were underway as to whether or not a convention will be held. These discussions, he said, have more to do with the current financial climate than anything else.

“When we have convention, all offices are vacant and anyone who wants to run can run. Anyone who wants to line up can line up and get what the delegates have for them. There is no fear in anyone running. I can tell you that will not be a consideration as to whether the FNM has a convention or not. The only consideration is having regard to the overall condition of the country.”

As to Mr Ingraham’s leadership being challenged, the FNM chairman said that as far as he was aware there was currently no vacancy for leader, or deputy leader, in the FNM.

“Anyone can run for those posts mind you, but I am not aware of any vacancies in those positions.”

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