When Evil Men Talk Fool

Blogger Larry Smith takes umbrage at an article published in the local press by Phillip Galanis where Galanis compared Bahamas Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham with Hitler.

Galanis is member of the PLP tribe and was allegedly once escorted off the premises of the bank where he worked after serious discrepancies were discovered. The bank never pressed criminal charges because, well, this is The Bahamas where selective justice occurs and Galanis had friends in the right places.

Now, Galanis has the gall to compare Hubert Ingrahams’ handling of rogue civil servant Cheryl Grant-Bethel with the treatment of prisoners in Nazi Germany.

Smith counters, “Mr. Galanis owes Prime Minister Ingraham a clear apology unencumbered by casuistry, backpedalling or tentativeness.  It is difficult to know whether Mr. Galanis was being intellectually disingenuous, stunningly hypocritical or some unsavoury combination.

“Mr. Galanis’ hypocrisy is breathtaking.  Even the darkest days of the Pindling era should never be compared to that of the Nazis.  And, those were often dark, very dark days, with widespread victimization, entrenched corruption, absolute state control of the broadcast media, and The Bahamas used as a haven for international drug dealers.”

Those Pindling days that Mr Smith is referring to, were brought to you in part by characters like Philip Galanis.

In his rant, Galanis says, “Are we to be a nation of people who do not speak up when we see a wrong done? If so, one day, if we ignore the evil that men do, we will no longer have anyone to come to our defence when it happens to us.”

Of course, the latter part of that quote was used by the editor of BahamasB2B.com’s popular Newsletter a few years ago to criticize the fact that lawyers and accountants in The Bahamas do nothing to police their own industries, thereby allowing corruption to be the rule, rather than the exception.

Oh, the irony of having an allegedly corrupt accountant scolding people for not speaking out against evil in The Bahamas.

Mr Galanis has only to look into a mirror to see what’s wrong with this country.