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Two BEC Employees Arrested in Copper Wire Theft

Police have arrested two employees of the Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC) in connection with the brazen daytime robbery of copper wire from a Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas (BCB) transmission site last week.

The copper wire was stolen from the broadcasting corporation’s property on Blue Hill Road south on Thursday morning, knocking out the transmission signal to the 1540 AM radio station.

Police are still trying to determine the amount of copper that was stolen.

BEC chairman Michael Moss said that pending the outcome of the police investigation, the men could face possible termination.

In a statement issued last week, BCB said restoration of the signal is expected to take approximately 30 days.

The broadcasting corporation said it has decided to discontinue operation of 104.5 FM for the time being and provide 1540 AM’s signal on 104.5 FM.

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