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Culture Ministry Endorses October Fest In Andros

Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture the Hon. Charles Maynard poses, on October 12, 2010, with stakeholders in the Frank Hanna October Harvest Festival, scheduled for October 28-31, in North Andros. Pictured, from left, are Special Projects Manager / Marketing and Sales at the Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas (BCB) Jeff Rogers; Frank Hanna; Minister Maynard; Director of Culture Dr. Linda Moxey Brown and BCB Deputy General Manager Dwain Wallace. (BIS Photo / Eric Rose)

NASSAU, The Bahamas – Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture the Hon. Charles Maynard said it is a pleasure to endorse an event that “spreads the gamut of cultural expression,” like that of upcoming Frank Hanna October Harvest Festival (October Fest) in North Andros.

“In terms of the food, the activities, the music and the fact that they are honouring a cultural icon such as Frank Hanna as the patron, it is easy for me, as the Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, to endorse this event and our Ministry will definitely participate,” Minister Maynard said at a press conference, on October 12, 2010.  Minister Maynard joined major sponsor the Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas and corporate sponsors in ensuring the success of the event, scheduled for October 28-31, 2010, at the Regatta Site, in Morgan’s Bluff.

“It is really designed to be to North Andros what Crab Fest is to Central and South Andros,” said BCB Deputy General Manager Dwain Wallace.  Mr. Wallace added that in BCB’s Special Projects department, they are seeking to formulate events that can be strategically-placed in various parts of The Bahamas, that will serve to bring the country together culturally, as well as serve to bring some economic development to those areas.

“Hence, we came up with the Frank Hanna October Fest, using Mr. Hanna as our patron of the event, naming it in his honour, especially based on the fact that he is not only an Androsian, but a North Androsian.”

“We believe it is going to be a very exciting and colourful event,” said BCB Special Projects Manager / Marketing and Sales  Jeff Rogers.

The October Fest will have at least eight different organised events including basketball, volleyball and hogtying competitions, local food and musical and cultural performances.  It is scheduled to begin with a Gospel Concert and Official Opening on Thursday and end with a

“Boil Fish Out” on Sunday.  Director of Culture Dr. Linda Moxey Brown commended BCB and corporate sponsors for the initiative and the fact that it is showcasing authentic Bahamian culture.

“Anything Bahamian is what we are all about,” Dr. Moxey Brown said.

“I have been trying to tell folks from since I came into this position that, as Bahamians, we need to show who we are, not only to ourselves; but to persons around the world.”

“Anything that brings what is truly ours to the table, we have no problem at all endorsing,” she added.   Frank Hanna, who is also a sponsor, thanked the Ministry for endorsing the event and all its stakeholders for making it possible.

“Thank you very, very much indeed for this golden opportunity, this great opportunity, to put a tremendous economic boom for Andros, especially now,” Mr. Hanna said.  Mr. Wallace said  they are working with a number of

“significant” corporate sponsors to ensure that the event is annual and enriches the lives of Androsians in several ways.

“We are working with Robin Hood and the Department of Social Services so that we could identify 150 needy families in the area that we could present grocery baskets to, valued at $100 each,” Mr. Wallace said.

“We are also going to be donating part proceeds from this event to the top two students in Andros – one male, one female – so that these persons could receive scholarship funding to the College of The Bahamas.”  Mr. Wallace said that they are working along with the Bahamas Agricultural and Industrial Corporation (BAIC) and other sponsors, such as Burns House, ScotiaBank, Bahamas Ferries and Western Air, also enabling the “Harvest” part of the event’s name be utilised.

“Buy all the produce that you need because, for this weekend, you can ship them back to Nassau on FastFerries for no additional cost, as a part of their sponsorship,” Mr. Wallace said.  Mr. Rogers added that they have been hosting a number of town meetings in North Andros, bringing the community together to get them more involved in this event.

“I think that this is what is going to make this event successful,” Mr. Rogers said.

“It is not your regular event, where you have organisers come in, host the event and then move out.

“What we decided to do is to ‘touch base’ with all of the folks in the community, let them bring their ideas to the table, show them some opportunities where they could benefit financially.  I think that this is what builds excitement and makes it different from the other events they might host on the island.”

“The folks who are going to benefit the most from this event are the people who live right there in Andros,” Mr. Rogers added.

“We have a full weekend of activities for everyone to get involved in,” Mr. Rogers said.

“We believe that it is going to be a knockout.”

“This is going to be like their Christmas, their birthday, everything in one – and just six weeks before the Christmas season,” Mr. Hanna added.

“The people of Andros really appreciate this.”

By Eric Rose
Bahamas Information Services

Posted in Local News

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