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Underwater Scooter Allows For Reef Exploration

A new underwater scooter designed by a British inventor allows people who can’t swim to explore coral reefs and without extensive scuba-diving training.

Holidaymakers can put on the helmet-like dome and dive to up to 100 feet at tourist sites around the world after a 10 minute briefing.

The device is continually filled with oxygen from an onboard tank while the user is in the water.

Users of the new HydroBOB device do not need goggles, breathing apparatus or a wet suit and they can wear glasses, talk and even scratch their nose underwater.

A clear acrylic dome gives a 180 degree view and the oxygen tank is big enough to give over an hour’s use before resurfacing.

A 12 volt battery stored under the seat allows the scooter to move at two knots. Depth is controlled by a bounce bag, similar to that worn by a scuba diver to control buoyancy.

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