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What Should You Include In Your Video Resume?

videoA video resume may just be the key to your next job. Still relatively new, video resumes are now being used to land smart job seekers their “dream job,” because the HR field is beginning to embrace online branding and the use of new technology.

For example, recent research shows that 85 percent of recruiters and HR professionals make positive and negative hiring decisions based upon a candidate’s online reputation; good content equals positive decisions, negative content equals candidate rejection. Studies also show that 60 percent of hiring managers have shown high interest in reviewing video resumes from possible candidates.

Making a video resume to define your skills and to highlight your experiences just makes sense, especially for creative professionals who need to show off their creativity and ability to change with the times.

That’s because today’s society is extremely visual. We are used to growing up with a television in front of us. We’re used to learning, getting information, and being entertained visually. So why not take advantage of this and use the same technology to land a job?

What should I include in my video resume?

This is no different from your paper resume. It is a sales tool designed to help you get an interview. Your interview is where you’ll get your job. So your resume needs to be short, to the point, and highlight your most important qualities. You want to make sure that whatever you include, it matches your style, personality and the particular image you want to present. When including key skills in your video resume, make sure whatever is included is relevant.

It needs to be appropriate for the target industry and particular career.

Length of the video resume is also important. Your paper resume should be no more than one page long (remember, it’s getting you that interview, not landing you the job). Your video resume should only be a couple minutes long at the most.

Treat this almost like a commercial for your favorite product: you. The goal of this resume is to sell yourself. If anyone is an expert at you, it’s you. This should be used like a tool in a sales and marketing campaign.

A video resume needs to include your strengths and highlight them using the most up-to-date technology. Including the best quality graphics is also important. In order to hold an employer’s attention span, your video resume must be visually appealing.

This job-searching tool can also help you manage your online reputation, helping to push any negative content off the front pages of the search engines. This way, when an employer searches for your name online (remember, 85 percent of hiring managers make decisions based on your online reputation), the the first thing they see is the stuff that will help you get a job.

Using a combination of photos and hitting the high points from your paper resume, video resumes are key in achieving that unique look out of the bunch. But you need to make sure the audio, graphics, and video quality are all the best they can possibly be. So if you don’t have the equipment or knowledge, consider hiring a professional firm that can manage it for you. Consider this your job seeker’s canvas: whether you want your resume to be light-hearted and cool, or serious and conservative, there are a wide range of templates and designs that are suitable to many different career choices.

A video resume is an effective way to show yourself in a manner that is different and light-years ahead of what everyone else is doing. It should be one of the most effective tools in your personal branding toolbox, and one that you can use to great effectiveness.

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