Coralwave: Profits Up, Service Down

Once again, Coralwave customers are without e-mail service and many can not even get onto the Internet.  This, despite the company’s incredible profits over the last quarter and year.  Bahamians are furious that a company that makes so much money is unable to provide the service that they pay for – in advance.

Last year there were many, many outages and this year, there have been even more.

Never has the company compensated customers for their inability to provide the service that customers pay for.

But customers tell BahamasB2B that, if their bill is not paid right on time, they are diconnected.

Some customers have indicated an interest in taking legal action against the dysfunctional company.  But that’s a joke in The Bahamas, as the legal system is more dysfunctional than Coralwave.

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