Christie’s Weak Leadership Causing Problems for PLP

Top level PLPs are concerned that Perry Christie’s weak leadership style may cause them to lose the 2012 general election.

Four rebel PLPs are already planning to run as independents in what were considered safe PLP consitutencies. More disgruntled rebels may follow suit.

Whitney Bastian, Derek Ryan, Myles Laroda and Paul Moss have all announced their intentions to run as independents in South Andros, Kennedy, South Beach and St Cecilia respectively.

These rebels could split the PLP vote in those blackbelt areas, causing the FNM to take the seats.

Some wonder how Mr Christie will be able to keep his party in order, when he apparently can not keep his own house in order.

The Punch news tabloid reports that Mr Christie’s wife, Bernadette, has all but abandoned the PLP leader as she has spent the last two years in the United States, presumably watching over the career of their talented daughter.  Alex is trying to make it as a performer in the U.S. market and Mrs Christie has been with her to provide support.

However, some in the PLP say it is time for Mrs Christie to return home and “stand by her man” in the run up to the election.