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PLP Abused The BTC Sale

Free National Movement (FNM) Senator Dr. Duane Sands this week accused his party’s opponents of latching on to the Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) controversy to gain political points rather than participating in a debate on the way forward. He said the recent public display of “partisan political distortion has been particularly disturbing.”

“We have watched the BTC sale be misused by political operatives, some of whom could not or would not conduct themselves peacefully. We saw the unfortunate spectacle of violence requiring the intervention of the riot squad,” Senator Sands said during his contribution in the upper chamber on Monday.

“We witnessed the sad spectacle of attempts at assault with missiles thrown at the minister of national security. We saw and heard exaggeration and disinformation. We heard executives of URCA described as Nazis. We have seen images of ‘boogey-men’ from the past resurrected to prey on the fears of the people. All to derail efforts directed at improving the lot – the potential of the Bahamian people.”

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