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Young Males Need Guidance

More male models are needed for our young boys and men, said Janetta Jordan, guest speaker for Intervention Crusade opening night at St. Jude’s Parish Hall.

Jordan, of North Carolina, told the male students that positive connectivities are what they should seek.

Speaking to the youngsters from Nehemiah 1, Jordan shared with the boys about being a “cup bearer.”

Noting that they should be inquisitive about their neighbor’s situation, she said that this is what God admonished of His people, “to be our brother’s keeper.”

Jordan said that we are all God’s creatures, “and everything that is on earth is done in heaven.”

She challenged the boys to follow the word of God and its examples, particularly God’s way of doing things in decency and in order.

“If you keep God’s commandments it will result in you becoming a better person,” said Jordan.

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