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Bahamas Not Included In LIME’s 4G Project

Reasserting itself as an aggressive competitor, LIME Caribbean confirmed last night that it would be building out a 4G network across a dozen Caribbean markets, a move insiders said would keep the company ahead of the curve as mobile consumers demand platforms to deploy video and data services at fast speeds.

LIME is investing US$80 million to upgrade its existing second generation or 2G networks in 12 of 14 markets.

Jamaica is excluded from the project.

Well-placed sources say the 3G network under construction here, which is still a work in progress, will be upgraded to an LTE platform at a later date.

The Bahamas, in which LIME gained a foothold just last month with its 51 per cent purchase of Bahamas Telecommunications Company, is also excluded from the 4G project.

LIME said last night that its 4G build out would begin in Grand Cayman this summer and phased across the Caribbean over an 18-month span.

The scope of the project puts it out in front of Digicel Group, whose 4G services extend to Cayman Islands and Jamaica only, and who, industry sources suggest, is getting ready to make announcements of its own regarding some of its Caribbean markets.

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