Two Week Road Closure To Install Water Main

Nassau, The Bahamas – Ministry of Works officials informed business owners and residents of the Eastern District that Fox Hill Road to the Pine Barren junction is presently under road closure to carry out phase one of the installation of a 24-inch water main. A two-week full road closure is anticipated for this junction as work moves in a western direction.

To date the Ministry has completed the installation of service ducts, laterals, and drainage from Fox Hill Road to Pine Barren. Road construction will begin once the 24-inch water main is installed.

The Ministry hosted an Information Meeting at New Life Christian Centre, Prince Charles Drive, on June 1. Charlene Collie Public Relations representative for the New Providence Road Improvement and Infrastructure Project and Francis Clarke, project engineer for the Ministry facilitated the meeting.

“We need you to appreciate the challenges including the heavy volume of traffic, underground utilities and that this is an important road and a major east/west link,” said Ms. Collie.

Business owners called for work to be carried out evening hours, additional signage indicating access to businesses, flashing beacons particularly around open trenches and a water truck available on a consistent basis to keep dust at a minimum.

During the closure access is granted only to businesses and persons residing in the area.

Full road closure will be enforced from Pine Barren Road to Beatrice Avenue in the second phase of the installation of the 24-inch water main.

By Kathryn Campbell
Bahamas Information Services