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Bahamas Striping Now A Full Road Maintenance Service Company


Freeport, Grand Bahama: Caribbean Pavement Solutions, a subsidiary of Bahamas Striping Group of Companies, most recently introduced its revolutionary product, Rejuvaseal to the Bahamian market.

Rejuvaseal is an asphalt rejuvenator which is designed to help preserve and prevent the asphalt from degradation from oxidation from the weather, water, fuel, and other elements.

The Seahorse Plaza in Grand Bahama is the first recipient of the product. Since the application of the product, it has now become an integral part of the asphalt, and the longevity of the asphalt will increase to three to five years.

President, Atario Mitchell and Training Manager, Brian Bostock have received extensive training on the application process of Rejuvaseal.

Mr. Jason Kellar, Technical Director of Pavement Rejuvenation International said, “Atario and his team are applying the product correctly and are certified exclusively as applicators of the product for this region.  It is an impressive product and once persons can see the longevity of the curb appeal of the asphalt, it will definitely spark more interest.”
Maintenance and road improvement are important factors for Bahamas Striping Group of Companies.

Mr. Mitchell indicated, “The Rejuvaseal product will be an industry changer in the Bahamas because it is far more effective than the traditional sealer on the basis of the life cycle  guarantee cost of three to five years. A traditional sealer, which is water based and slurry, and can be found at any hardware store. It does not penetrate the asphalt, and it cannot reintroduce oils that are lost through oxidation. Parking lots with cracks and those which have faded will be repaired and will be able to have a quality finished product. Looking at the overall improvements to the shopping plaza, the owners, Milo Butler and Company, will be pleased as the resurfacing of the parking lot complements the ongoing and consistent work to reinvigorate the plaza.”

Mitchell said asphalt pavements require systematic, routine, preventative surface maintenance to preserve the pavement and mitigate the wear and tear due to traffic and environmental effects.

He added that the Bahamas has over one thousand five hundred and sixty (1,560) miles of paved roads and forty eight (48) airfields that have not been properly maintained over the years and undoubtedly will require asphalt rejuvenation services and repair in order to bring the surface of the runways, taxiways, and roads up to standard because the roads in the Bahamas deteriorate quickly due to the heavy amounts of rainfall and they are limestone based.

“Our commitment and dedication to changing the modus operandi of how we approach road maintenance in The Bahamas is clear as we have invested  in a precision spraying machine which costs eighty thousand dollars, which was funded by The Bahamas Venture Fund. We are no longer a striping company, we  are now a company that offers full road maintenance services that stripes roads, we can rejuvenate and provide asphaltic services at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional ripping and repaving methods, and repair pot holes.”

The Calabash Group

Bahamas Striping President, Mr. Atario Mitchell is resurfacing the parking lot of The Seahorse Plaza in Grand Bahama with its new product Rejuvaseal.

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